Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Little House of the Rarity

Hey Nellie Olsen, or should we just call you Nellie for short, do you find that your ho hum style of denim and t-shirts is starting to look like something Laura Ingalls whipped up on her sewing machine? No worries, a quick trip to House of Dang is sure to fix that with a bevy of reworked vintage looks and even an in-house line of fashionable threads to choose from.

The brainchild of stylists Andrew Bayer and Douglas Voisin, House of Dang bills itself as an “alternative to terrible” shop and features wall-to-wall finds ranging from retro furniture pieces and local artist masterpieces to wacky home décor and “can’t live without” tchotchkies. And despite the high trend factor, the price tags remain in touch with reality.

The boys are always gussying up the place, so those who like to keep up with the Joneses will need to check in often to make sure they aren’t strutting about in last-week’s look only to have passers by quip — “Dang that’s passé” (we couldn’t resist).

House of Dang
4219 Bryan Street, 214-827-1146