Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

If You’re Snarky And You Know It, Wear The Shirt

Why settle for belting out a witty quip that only falls on a few deaf ears, when you can display your sass loud and proud on a t-shirt for all to see The good folks at BustedTees have searched far and wide to make sure no pun, or pop culture reference, goes unexploited.

Whether you’re looking to defend Lindsay, show your support for Stewart & Colbert in ’08 or wax nostalgic for childhood games like those plus size Hungry Hungry Hippos – there’s a shirt available to help your chest say it best.

For those of us who have “grown apart” from the gym; don’t worry, your pecs are safe. BustedTees also offers a selection of man-boob-hiding hoodies that pack the same sassy slogans.

And if you think you’ve got something smartass to add to their collection, send it to ideas@bustedtees.com. If chosen, you get $150 bucks and one of your own brilliantly catty creations.

Shirts cost about $16 and hoodies are available for around $30.