Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Unibrows And Mimosas

Gaytown has a new Mexican restaurant, named after some artist chick played by Salma Hayek. There are giant eyebrows everywhere, but not to fear. None in the food.

In the space formerly occupied by Ciao Marco Italian, Frida’s has a simple, hip, Mexico City vibe. There’s nothing Tex-Mex about anything on the menu. And that’s a good thing.

Lunch and dinner are delicious, but it’s the brunch menu that will have you ignoring the snooze button at noon this Sunday.

Egg dishes ring in at a mere $6.50, and breakfast cocktails are a boracho bargain at just four bucks! There are other options, too, including salads, fresh baked pastries, homemade yogurt and a killer cheeseburger. Order a side (or three) of rajas, a bowl of green chile strips in a creamy cheese sauce. They’re perfect for slathering into Frida’s made-by-hand corn tortillas.

The service bordered on incompetent, but if you’re patient and full of cheap Bloody Marys, you might not ever notice. And the food’s good enough to forgive the eager (and sometimes cute) waiters.

4000 Cedar Springs Rd (at Throckmorton), Dallas
(214) 528-9911