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The Elephant In The Room

Perhaps “junk in the trunk” had a different meaning in the 1940s when famed designers Charles and Ray Eames first started molding plywood into 3-D furnishings and sculptures like the coveted Eames Plywood Elephant.

Lucky for us, the good folks at Vitra have produced a 1,000-piece, limited run of the must-have mammoth, so that every Tom, Dick and Dumbo has a shot at acquiring a little touch of 20th century designer goodness.

But don’t expect to get this reproduction for cheap like your Sam Moon knock-off handbag. The Eames Plywood Elephant will set you back a mammoth $1,900 (and another $95 for shipping). And even if you consider that kind of cash peanuts, there’s a limit of two per customer.

Available in natural or red-stained maple, the piece measures 16.25”w x 30.75”d x 16.5”h and includes a printed collector’s box, personalized certificate and serial number engraved on a small aluminum plaque.

Break out your Amex and let the big game hunt begin!