Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bitchin’ Kitchen

For centuries, one question has plagued scholars: why is it every time there’s a party, the crowd ends up in the kitchen? We don’t know either, but before you get ready to rock the house with your next über fete, we recommend a visit with the ladies at Kitchen Design Concepts to delve into your culinary psyche.

Rather than just tricking out your digs like a bad episode of “Pimp My Ride,” Kitchen Design Concepts has come up with a Lifestyle Assessment Survey to help you figure out exactly what kind of space you really need. Are you a homo on the range or more of a barbie girl?

With questions ranging from the introspective “describe yourself?” (we checked “an entertaining enthusiast”) to the more baiting “which do you frequently do in your kitchen?” (we won’t disclose our check box), the whole exercise will have you ready for remodeling and save you a trip to the shrink.

So get to assessin’ sister. And remember, it’s never too late to put more lovin’ in the oven.

Kitchen Design Concepts
2741 E. Beltline Road, Suite 113, Carrollton
(214) 390-8300