Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Know Before You Show

Fergie may not want any drama (no, no, no drama), but we do. And while you’re at it, pile on the comedies, too, and maybe some hunky dancer types for good measure. November is bulging at the seams with great shows just begging to be watched, and you can take a peek for just a few bucks.

NOH – Angels, Demons & Dreamers
Through November 17
Promising “theatrical magic” (and hopefully no David Copperfield), this show follows five Japanese Supernatural plays. We’re not quite sure what to expect, but there is mention of a “magic pillow” and a “bird catcher in hell.” It’s funny, because bird catchers in hell are usually a turn off, but this one sounds kind of hot.

Tickets $15-25
Undermain Theatre
3200 Main Street, Dallas

Snake in the Grass
Through November 17
Aside from being named after your ex, this show is a lumpy, bumpy roller coaster of suspense, drama and deeply buried childhood memories. Sounds like Thanksgiving at our house.

Tickets $13-28
Circle Theater
230 West 4th Street, Fort Worth

Tickets $32-38
Eiseman Center
2351 Performance Drive, Richardson

Tickets $20
Watertower Theatre (Studio Theatre)
15650 Addison Rd., Addison

Though November 25
My Fair Lady but without songs and Audrey Hepburn. Still totally worth seeing though, as man cannot live on show tunes alone.

Tickets $25-30
Theater Three
2800 Routh St. (The Quadrangle), Dallas

The Last Night at Ballyhoo
November 30 through December 31
They’re back. The cast from the 2006 production is at it once again to take on this comedy about assimilation at Christmas time. You’ll laugh your tuchas off, while learning what your tuchas is.

Tickets $27-32
Contemporary Theater of Dallas
5601 Sears St., Dallas