Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lush-ious Little Helper

Whether your sugar daddy hasn’t sprung for that new wine cellar yet, or you are just one of those wound-tight, Martha Stewart types who wants everything “just so” – your favorite new gadget is here.

The Wedge (not to be confused with the kitten heel or sling-back mule) is a nifty gadget that literally wedges stacks of wine bottles or cans into a perfect pyramid of prissiness.
Because it works on any flat surface, The Wedge can be your dirty little Type-A secret that keeps liters of Perrier at bay in the fridge or a loud and proud way to display all those bottles of Cristal (we know how you roll).

Two tiny pieces of plastic; controlled cylinder chaos – why didn’t we think of it first! Choose from a variety of colors, Wedges comes two per box for $12.95.

The Wedge