Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lose The Beard

Toss out the Barbasol and go for a pampered shave.

Step back into a time when the barber shop wasn’t just a place for pulling teeth, blood-letting and a relaxing enema, but a mecca of manliness where time and care were taken in the perfected art of a good, clean shave.
Now you can have the red-and-white pole experience in your own bathroom (with or without four men singing a cappella in perfect harmony behind you), thanks to homme improvement thermal shaving cream from bliss spas. This powerful concoction made of aloe vera, sweet almond extract, st. john’s wort and marshmallow (!) actually warms upon contact with wet skin to simulate the hot towel treatment of high-end spas and salons. The result is a close shave that you may never want to end. Until time for the post-shave repair lotion, which is just as rewarding.

When a shave’s this good, it’s not just heavenly. It’s pure bliss.

$18 each
Available at bliss dallas inside the W Victory Park and Nordstrom.