Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Handmade Crusade

Face it, there’s only room in the world for a certain number of Martha Stewart crafty types, and maybe you’re not one of ‘em. But with some selective surfing and a wave of the credit card, you can have anyone believing that you are a veritable glue-gun toting, do-it-yourself guru. Note: removing the price tag helps add to the authenticity.

Etsy brings together crafters from around the world to do your bidding, and you’ll be drunk on the power of the searching options. Choose by categories (“Art” to “Everything Else”), by color (who cares what it is, it matches the drapes) or by Geolocator (cyber-stalk your booty by place, material or seller).
You’ll feel just like Kathie Lee Gifford at Christmas knowing that hours of blood, sweat and tears went into a gift that you get all the credit for giving. So go forth and purchase, and remember, it’s just one letter separating the sweatshop from the sweetshop.