Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Foam Party

You know how in Poltergeist, the family’s house was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground and the little girl gets sucked into the TV and a bunch of evil ensues? So, what do you think happens when a business is built on top of an ancient gay male strip club?

Goodbye, Maleboxx. The neighborhood’s been cleaned up. Literally. Introducing a fantastic concept for anyone with four wheels and a touch of the OCD: Car Wash Club.

For a mere $20 a month (and just $15 for each additional car), you get unlimited drive-thru car washes with foam polish, tire and wheel cleaner, Rain-X, self-serve vacuums and more than 14 additional services. Go every day if you want.

If the horror of manual labor (vacuuming your own car) makes your quiver in your Pradas, or tiny towels and dripping undercarriages mean something altogether different to you, don’t panic. They’ll clean the interior for just a little more each visit.

Even better, if your car’s as high-maintenance as you, there’s a super deal for only $99 month, which includes unlimited washes, plus waxes, detailing and just about anything else your little car desires.

Come on, y’all, let’s sing it with me: Car Wash Club! Keep those rags and machines hummin’!

Car Wash Club
5006 Lemmon Ave.
(just west of the Tollway)