Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Manchester Man

In a perfect world, every man would look like David Beckham and be bare-chested at all times, but in the meantime there’s English Laundry. This line of fine frocks for the fellas has that little touch of detail like embroidery and French cuffs that all the gay boys love and the Metrosexual boys want to emulate.

And just in time for your “buy me something pretty” shopping list, English Laundry has unveiled its Holiday 2007 Pre-Order, complete with velvet yoked, individually laundered shirts bearing exotic names like “Band on the Wall” and “Velvet Underground” for around $89 to $99 each.

Buyers be warned though, don’t expect to be the only one strutting about in these new duds. The fabulousness of these off-the-rack numbers can lead to that dreaded “he’s wearing my shirt” moment at your next soiree.

The Web site instructs that the shirts are “to be worn mainly with denim, and never … under any circumstance with a tie.” The tag line reads “Elegant. Arrogant. English.” Funny we would have thought that was a better description for Dame Judi Dench.

Online at www.englishlaundry.com and in Dallas at Union Jack, 3920 Cedar Springs Road