Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Protection For Your 12-Incher (Or Your Mini)

See that person sitting across from you at Starbucks with the plain black laptop? Stone her! Stone her with biscotti and muffin tops! Or, if you’re not the violent type (yawn), simply point at her and laugh with fervor, throwing your head back and slapping your knee for extra effect.

Then point to your superior electronic accoutrements. What with the Edvard Munch on your iPhone, The Flying Spaghetti Monster on your laptop and Van Gogh on your iPod Nano, you’re a virtual art museum (also accepting voluntary monetary donations to view your “exhibits”).

GelaSkins are a very thin protective cover for iPhones, Motorola RAZRs, Mac and PC laptops from 12” to 17”, and all the classic and latest iPod incarnations. They’re scratch-resistant, photo-quality and bubble-free. Plus, you get free wallpaper downloads so that your screen and case are properly coordinated (sort of the carpet matching the drapes of the digital world).

They make great gifts and help prevent others from being victimized at coffeehouses everywhere.

Prices start at $13
Available at Metropark in NorthPark Center and the Shops at Willow Bend, and online at GelaSkins.com