Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oh, CD

Give it up, Grinch. We know you have surrendered to the incessant jingle jangle of holiday tunes and loaded your iPod with everything from Bing Crosby to that jaunty Mariah Carey number that you lip-sync to so well (yes, we were watching!).

Why hoard your love like Rosie O’Donnell coveting a twinkie? Share the gift of music and style with a Holiday CD Decorating Kit ($16.95). Complete with 25 CD sleeves and labels and more than 60 stickers, it’s guaranteed to bring on flashbacks of the glue and glitter ornaments you made as a kid. But this time mom won’t have to hide your “charming” gift on the back of the tree.

If you don’t have the music in you, the CD sleeves make great decor for sharing festive digital photos – either naughty or nice!

Find them online at www.fredflare.com