Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sticky Floor And Crying Babies Not Included

Face it. All the cool kids want to look like that blind Star Trek guy played by LeVar Burton. Well, now you can one-up everyone with the hottest so-you’ve-already-purchased-
everything-in-Skymall accessory: Myvu.

Pop on this sunglassy-looking device, plug it in to your iPod or other small video device (including camcorders and generic —gasp!— mp4 players) and faster than you can say, “Now they’ve thought of everything, Mabel!”, your music videos, movies and TV Shows appear right before your eyes in simulated wall-to-wall theatrical splendor.

To truly put the device to the test, the Gay List Daily A/V Club watched two classic films that demand the big-screen treatment: The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston and Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? starring Tori Spelling.

The picture loses some resolution and crispness compared to watching something directly on your Video iPod, but it’s still really cool. The stereo headphones and hands-free convenience make viewing movies on airplanes, during jury duty or in church more enjoyable than ever.

Models start at $200
Available at area Hawk Electronics locations and
online at www.myvu.com