Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mickey Mouse Is The Anti-Christ

At Gay List Daily, we find the hottest products to buy and best places to go, gay in and day out, so it may sound somewhat hypocritical to review a movie that’s actually anti-shopping.

(We’ll pause while you un-clutch your pearls and climb back onto your chairs).

But before you petition Congress to revoke our gay cards, check out “What Would Jesus Buy?” and try to not feel just a tad guilty while sitting there with your bucket of popcorn, glass of Chardonnay and well-polished Prada loafers resting comfortably on the seat in front of you.

This new documentary, produced by Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock, is an entertaining look at the American culture of over-consumption. Featuring the Reverend Billy, an over-the-top preacher in a white suit with a hairsprayed-to-heck bouffant, and his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, it’s easy to see why credit-card debt is at an all-time high.

As the merry band of protestors goes cross-country to spread its message just days before Christmas, they ambush choice retail meccas like the Mall of America, perform a retail exorcism at Wal-Mart’s headquarters, dance on the counter at Starbucks, and spill Victoria’s Secret, all leading up to the film’s shopocalyptic conclusion — a Christmas-Day attack on Main Street USA at Disneyland, home to Reverend Billy’s arch-nemesis, Mickey Mouse.

Now, we don’t expect you to not shop this holiday season, but if nothing else, you might put a little more thought into what you buy for those on your list. And thanks to us, you’ll know exactly where to find the coolest stuff.


“What Would Jesus Buy”
Opens Friday, Dec 7th at Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre
West Village Shopping Center, Dallas