Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sake It To Me

While the eyes may be the window to the soul, the drink order is the window to the guy you might be waking up next to – so pay attention!

A martini shaken not stirred indicates a gent who rarely leaves the house and blurts out the first James Bond reference that pops in to his head (hope you don’t mind picking him up from his parents’ house). A Red Bull and Vodka is a red flag for the guy who owns The Hills on DVD and uses the phrase “we’re going to pre-party, hardcore” often. Enough said. But the guy who orders the Uni Shot, well, he’s a take-life-by-the-balls kind of guy, literally.

You see, this special libido-boosting, traditional Japanese cocktail is a mixture of Sake, Ponzu (citrus sauce), quail egg, fish roe and Uni (sea urchin) all served up in a lovely champagne flute. More specifically, Uni is the junk of the hermaphroditic sea creature known for a light sweet flavor and aphrodisiac qualities.

That’s right, it’s like Viagra from the ocean with a liquor chaser.

Try one for yourself at Steel or better yet, perch on a bar stool and wait for someone else to order it and see if this ancient Japanese secret holds true.

With Sake and Champagne $15, with Cognac $20
(It’s a special order item, so call ahead for availability)
Steel Restaurant & Lounge
3102 Oak lawn Ave. (in The Centrum), Dallas
(214) 219-9908