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Hard, Wood And Just For You

Face it, decorating your place just like page 152 out of the IKEA catalog may have been charming in your dorm room days, but it’s time to part with the particleboard and buy some big boy furniture. You know, the kind you can actually spray with a little Pledge without fear of warping the veneer.

That’s where Larry Pile, the Kessler Craftsman, comes in to the picture. He’s a godsend for those of us who flunked out of wood shop. (Fortunately, we can still stitch a bitchin’ apron and make a mean biscuit-dough pizza, thanks to those useful Home Ec classes we ended up in.)

Using natural materials, traditional colors and simple designs in the American Arts & Crafts tradition, Larry creates everything from sofa tables and chests of drawers to stained-glass panels, lamps and votives. But don’t box him in to Mission-style only; Larry can create pieces perfect for a variety of motifs including Victorian, English Tudor, Art Deco or Modern.

And if you are one of those see-it-to-believe it types, Larry even produces CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings of your custom piece. The decor obsessed can carry these in their wallets in lieu of pictures of children (“my, your coffee table is getting so big, I remember when it was just a coaster set”).

Your soon-to-be family heirloom is waiting.

View his work online at www.kesslercraftsman.com
or call him at (214) 942-7322 to talk about your one-of-a-kind dream piece