Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You Tossin’ To Me?

While the words “chain restaurant” and “unique dish” are paired about as frequently as “Britney Spears” and “model parent,” we have to give it up to the folks at Houlihans for really cranking up the sass factor on their Ahi Tuna Salad.

While most places opt to pair the pan-seared fish with a citrus of sorts, Houlihans chose everybody’s favorite Freudian fruit, the banana, as their piece de delicious. A mix of tuna, napa cabbage, cilantro, bananas and cashews tossed in a banana-ginger vinaigrette, the end result is way closer to a meaty plantain taste than something nabbed off the head of Carmen Miranda.

And if you’re not into bananas, or just fooled around with one once in college and decided you didn’t like it, there are plenty of other options to choose from like the mini-martinis which come in flights of three.

But don’t be surprised if after a few of those that banana starts looking awfully tempting. We’re just sayin’…

5225 Belt Line Road, Addison
(214) 827-0101