Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

It’s Melting, It’s Melting

Liposuction – it’s such an ugly word. Just hearing it conjures up visions of a Shop-Vac feeding cottage cheese into a zip lock bag. Blech. But Body Shaping, now that has a nice ring to it. Why it almost sounds like a friend, “oh, this is my best gal-pal Body Shaping, she and I go everywhere together.”

When not starring as the fag-hag sidekick in the movie in our mind, body shaping is actually an incision-, stitch- and pain-free procedure offered by Advanced Skin Fitness to help reduce the love in your lurve handles, tighten up that turkey waddle under your chin or basically reshape anywhere on your body that dimples, wrinkles or flabs. And it’s all done using heat and radio frequency.

But quite frankly, we just care about the end result. Seriously, they could cram midgets with jackhammers in there if it means we get abs that you can grate cheese on!

If you are looking for more of the 50,000-mile full lube and tune up approach, Advanced Skin Fitness also offers laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, spider vein therapy and teeth whitening. Even better, it’s all done in a swanky spa atmosphere – no bad waiting room art here. For those feeling generous this holiday season (or because your friends are looking a little rough), you can also book “night of beauty” parties.

Make your appointment today. Just tell them your new BFF Body Shaping sent you.

Advanced Skin Fitness
2928 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas
(214) 521-5277

And Just for Gay List Daily subscribers, purchase four or more treatments and receive 30% off plus a gift box with a custom labeled bottle of wine and a gift certificate for one FREE microdermabrasion treatment to be given as a gift (valued at $169). Offer good through December 22, 2007