Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Screwing For Fun And Pleasure?

There’s something so ceremonial about uncorking a bottle of wine. The torque of the cork is breathtaking; the sound of the pop like a thousand intoxicated angels singing.

Yeah, yeah, we know screw caps are actually better for preserving wine and keeping them from gettin’ the taint, but half the joy of enjoying fine wine is the experience of opening it – except when you have a bad opener and the cork breaks or falls into the bottle (or the Franzia box falls out of the refrigerator and hits your foot).
And though we’ve all been there, beating a wine bottle over the countertop to get to your White Zinfandel is never pretty.

Thankfully, you can now open bottles with style and grace just like the professionals (drunks) do with the Built NY Wine Ratchet Magnum. The ergonomic cast-zinc handle is sexy to hold and behold. It’s so beautiful and easy to operate that you’ll want to take one with you when ordering wine out and watch the hot waiter twist, pull and pop all for you!

Built NY Wine Ratchet Magnum
$69.99 (Regularly $100) at Sur La Table
4527 Travis Street, Dallas
surlatable.com or 214.219.4404



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