Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Olfactory Big “O”

Mama always said fish and family start to smell bad after a couple of days. Chase away the reeking odor of pine-scented Glade plug-ins and after-dinner cigars with a fancy pants Jimmy Belasco soy candle. Whether the family came to you and stunk up the joint or a visit to their homes is still stuck in your nostrils, the damage can be undone.

Like all things good in life, we begin with great packaging (beauty really is on the outside). Online shoppers can choose from a variety of custom candle sleeves with artsy motifs and even a cute pet-inspired line. Retail locations help the decision-impaired.

Once your peepers have been pacified, Jimmy layers on the fragrance in one of five categories: Romance, Fruity, Outdoorsy, Bath Spa and Holiday. Ranging from the exotic, Thai Ginger Citrus, to the esoteric, Sexe, there’s a scent potent enough to remove even the most dysfunctional family odors (read: the toxic cloud of “White Diamonds” and White Zinfandel that oozes off of Grandma).

We opted to get our flame on with Absinthe, an intoxicating blend of lime peel, patchouli, amber, anise, lavender and sandalwood. Within moments of lighting it (and three vodka tonics), everything was at peace.

Available at Bishop Street Market (419 N. Bishop) and Nuvo (3900 Cedar Springs), or online at www.jimmybelasco.com