Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Overnight Camping

Invite the gang over for the ultimate gay slumber party with a night full of the most mock-tastically terrible movies ever made…and love almost every minute.

With the Cult Camp Classics DVD series, Warner Bros. Studios has assembled 12 films so far into four separate collections based on your taste for golden crap: Sci-Fi Thrillers, Women in Peril, Terrorized Travelers and Historical Epics.

Can’t get enough of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s illustrious career on film, but want to focus on her turn as a scientist from the planet Venus? Check. Women in prison? Check. Check. Charlton Heston as a no-nonsense pilot on a hijacked plane to Moscow? You better believe it.

Fans of Airplane! will love watching Zero Hour, which was the basis for the brilliant ‘80s spoof right down to character names and exact dialogue. There’s even a visit to the cockpit by little Joey to meet the Captain.

The Gay List Daily A/V Club’s favorite has got to be the wonderfully awful TROG. It has everything you could hope for in a bad movie. Horrible makeup effects for the titular monster. An extended stop-motion clay dinosaur montage that seems like it was lifted from another film altogether. Half-naked college hunks wading through cave pools. Oh, and did we mention the venerable Joan Crawford in her final movie role, playing a world-renowned anthropologist?

Knowing this was the end of Crawford’s film career makes the unintentional laughs bittersweet, but her over-earnest performance and the sight of her wielding a shotgun is well worth a fit of giggles.

We hope the producers of these sets dig up more buried treasures, but until then we have hours to keep us happy campers.

Available for rent at Tapelenders Video,
3926 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas.