Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pet Peeves Purged!

The chewed-up iPhone was the last straw. Not to mention the all-night bark-a-thons and the poop under the dining room table. Where’s Cesar Milan when you need him?

Who cares! Dallas has its own dog whisperer, and she’s hotter and less prima donna than her TV counterpart. If you’ve got a new puppy or an old dog in desperate need of a few new behavior tricks, Karen Stark is the dog trainer you’ve been begging for.

With plenty of experience wrangling the multiple-pet families indigenous to the gay and lesbian culture, she does what few trainers dare: house calls. After all, obedience training at an off-site facility is all fine and good, but whether you have one pooch or five, it’s best to get your furry babies trained at home where the everyday challenges exist.

Choose a private training package and she’ll work with you and your dog(s) on problems such as aggression, housebreaking, crate training, leash walking and more.

Or let her do her magic while you’re at work or on vacation and she’ll come to your home for two consecutive weeks, one hour per day Monday through Friday. At the end of each week you get a training lesson to teach you how to reinforce what your dog’s already learned. And when the two weeks conclude, you’ll have one well-trained bitch.

(Maybe she could help Lindsay Lohan, too.)

Many additional services available, including pet sitting and more.

Karen Stark, Elite Pet Services
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