Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jimi Jimi More

While some bulges in the britches can be enticing, others can be downright offensive. Of course we are talking about those big, thick, cumbersome wallets jam-packed with everything from an International Male credit card to a leftover Enchanted ticket stub that keep hundreds, if not thousands, of package checkers from seeing the real goods.

To trim down the pocket paraphernalia, we introduce The Jimi, a sleek, front- pocket wallet for the non-wallet set that will leave you free to be ogled. Made of recycled materials and available in more colors than Cher has farewell tours, The Jimi is also water resistant and comes complete with a built-in money clip (for your sugar daddy to stick your allowance in, of course).

For the geeky yet chic-y boy, there’s a version with an SD card clip to hold onto to memory cards or gym bunnies can take advantage of The Jimi’s lanyard latch and hang it proudly from their thirty-inch necks.

You can try to keep it in your trousers, but with a new toy like this you’ll be whipping it out for the whole world to see any chance you get.

Available at Whole Earth Provisioning (near Mockingbird Station) and online at www.thejimi.com