Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hey, Mr. DJ

Not since you got your peanut butter in our chocolate has an unlikelier combination been any more delicious. Because when it comes to music mash-ups, former Dallasite DJ Corey Craig is really mixing things up.

Some of his genius combinations include Whitney Houston vs. Justin Timberlake and Britney vs. Rihanna. (Oops! I broke your um-ba-rellas. Ellas. Ellas.)

DJ Corey Craig doesn’t come back to Dallas often enough because he’s too busy jetting between gigs in LA and New York for the hottest clubs, events and international brands. But thanks to the World Wide Interweb, he can spin for you anywhere you want.

His podcasts are available through iTunes and the free hour-plus mixes and mash-up episodes will keep you groovin’ while jogging on the treadmill, walking your cat or just tooling around town.

Online at www.coreycraig.com