Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Curry On In

Fusion cuisine is kind of like celebrity babies. Sometimes good things can come together to create, well, something only a mother could love (assuming said mother still had custody or wasn’t incarcerated). And if the fusion cuisine at Bengal Coast were a celebrity baby, it would be a Suri Cruise – someone who people expect greatness from at all costs.

Helmed by veteran restaurateur Mark Brezinski of Pei Wei fame, Bengal Coast offers delicacies from “the other Asia” – India, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. And it delivers, mixing a menagerie of spices and scents far beyond the Chicken Tikka Masala territory most people fear to leave.

Dishes range from samosas and stir-fry noodles to salads and grilled kebabs. There’s also a “small sticks” offering of various skewered meat (we lied and told the sticks they were average size!).

Adding a final touch to the Gaysia Malaysia mash up, the place is decked out with artsy décor like Lucite boxes filled with spices from around the world.

And the Bollywood-inspired beats playing softly in the background will have you shimmying like a belly dancer in no time. Well, as much as one can shimmy with a belly full of Lettuce Boats and Burmese Chicken.

3102 Oak Lawn Avenue (in the Centrum), Dallas
(214) 521-8100