Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Carpet Munched? Rug Stained? Wood warped?

Grab your bullhorn, grow a quick soul patch and make like Ty Pennington. It’s time for an extreme room makeover that’s fast, cheap and you won’t have to make up a sob story to get.

We’ve always been fans of FLOR modular carpet squares, but now that Target is carrying the line, we’re more excited than ever. If your dog’s chewed a hole in your carpet, or crazy Aunt Dot-Dot spilled a glass of red wine on the white flokati after Christmas dinner, there’s no need to reach for the Xanax. You can hide the demons that lurk just above your floorboards in a matter of minutes.

Put together six squares for a small area rug or go for the wall-to-wall effect with several boxes. Then let your creativity take over. Mix and match solids and stripes, bright colors with muted tones, or even throw in a few Disney princesses if you’re feeling extra light in your glass slippers that day.

The squares are easy to cut, and best of all, if the cat pees on one section or your Nice ‘N Easy Dark Spice 119C hair dye drips as you walk through the living room, you only have to replace individual squares not an entire $5,000 rug, so make sure to keep extras on hand.

You never know when a bare floor might need your help.

Starting at $59.99 for a box of six
At all area Target stores or online at www.target.com
for even more selection