Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sing Out, Sister

It’s “American Idol” time of year again, which means that anyone with some glittery eye shadow, no self respect and a big-old bag of crazy gets to strut their stuff for the whole nation. And while watching people warble like Ethel Merman in an electric chair can be fun, it’s even more delicious in person.

Nestled quaintly among the “massage” parlors and knock-off handbag huts that line Harry Hines is one of Dallas’ most undiscovered treasures – Mac Karaoke. It’s a magical kingdom of private karaoke rooms that let crooners of all skill levels suffer through the acid-tongued critiques of only their nearest and dearest friends.

Each room boasts 20,000 songs (about one-third of which are in English!), a customized remote control that let’s you remix songs with a disco or techno beat and the ever-popular auto score that rates singers on their pitch, tone and ability to keep up with the words. And as long as the claws are out, we recommend rating a singer’s outfit and hairstyle too!

To help sooth aching pipes or fill you with “liquid courage,” there’s also room-side beverage service.

“My Humps” is all cued up and ready to go. I guess the only question is “whatcho gonna do?”

Open nightly 7 p.m. – 5 a.m.
Room prices begin at $20/hr
2525 Royal Lane, Dallas
(972) 484-2089