Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hip To Be Square

Round water bottles: Necessity for living? Or perpetrators of boring conformity?

Step slowly away from the mindless sheep around you and reach for a bottle that will turn heads as life unfolds in slow-motion as you tilt back the bottle ever-so-seductively, your lips spread narrowly to capture every drop of the cold, refreshing life-nectar pouring forth.

H20 as designed by SEI (prounounced “say”) Water of New York City has quickly become the Prada of Watta, baby.

The cool flask-inspired shape takes up less space in the fridge and fits discreetly in your man-purse, back pocket or artificial leg.

The water comes straight from a pristine source in the Catskill Mountains. You know, where Patrick Swayze fought for Baby’s rights to get out of the corner and dance like a slut in front of old people. And all presumably while hydrated with delicious, refreshing Catskills water.

But crisp, clean taste aside, this all-plastic, unlabeled bottle can live a worthwhile life long after it’s gone dry. Now you can ditch the metal flask and transport your favorite hooch unnoticed through the metal detectors at your favorite concert venues and courthouse buildings.

We’re just sayin’.

Available locally at all Central Market locations
and online at SEIwater.com