Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Homo On The Range

It’s time to release your inner G.I. Joe. Beneath that veneer of meticulous grooming, superior fashion and a soul-deep love of dance music, beats the heart of a would-be marksman. So why not indulge the urge, feel the steel in your hand and drink in the intoxicating aroma of gunpowder and testosterone with a trip to the DFW Gun Range.

Take a walk on the butchy side and spend the afternoon busting a cap up in something. Whether you’ve never held a gun before or just want to brush up on spelling your name with machine gun fire, this is the place. (And yes, you really can rent a machine gun.)

The range offers everything a pistol packer needs including guns and ammunition, eye/ear protection and even private instruction. And it all takes place in the comfort of 14 bays that are air-filtrated, heated, air-conditioned and filled with sound absorbing material between lanes. (Now if they could just do something about the dreadful fluorescent lighting).

Don’t worry, we won’t tell ol’ eye-patch Joe behind the counter that Gay List Daily sent you. We’ll keep your sassy sources our little secret while you spend the day shooting your load(ed) gat.

Non-member range fees start at $16.99 per shooter and private lessons are $50 an hour.
DFW Gun Range
1607 West Mockingbird, Dallas