Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oh, Snap!

Whether you’ve seen Paris, France, or just Paris, Texas, there’s nothing like a great photo to help capture the moment. The problem is, that grainy blur of a picture saved on your cell phone doesn’t count. Luckily, local photographer Bob Munro and his company Sacred Pause can help expand your dark room horizons.

Bob’s traveled all over the world documenting his expeditions with stunning photos. Hang one up in your place and in no time you’ll be doing your best Golden Girls impersonation, “Picture it, Italy, 2006,” and passing the experience off as your own.

But Sacred Pause isn’t just another pretty picture. It’s more of a mantra about slowing down and really taking it all in; observing those little details that get lost in our fast forward kind of world.

Choose from photos of Jerusalem, Italy, New Orleans, Hawaii, the Pacific Coast and more. You’ll show everyone you’ve got what it takes to be a Man o’ Pause.

Online at www.sacredpause.com