Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

VD Is For Lovers

Flowers for Valentine’s Day. How cliché, you say? Well, if they’re in a cheap glass vase with baby’s breath and a teddy bear wearing an “I’ve Got a Heart On For You” t-shirt, then yes. And cheesy to boot.

But a stunning bouquet created by a floral artist can not only help express through rose petals and tulips what mere words can’t, its beauty will cause your boyfriend’s jaw to drop wide open. And then you’ve got him right where you want him.

At Bella Flora Boutique in Victory Park, you’ll discover unique arrangements that convey your deepest feelings 12 stems at a time. Stop in and see their stunning work or pop online for a photo gallery of choices, but make sure to order in advance. Because if you’re driving up to that tent in the Kroger parking lot late on February 14 to find your gift, we hope you have a comfortable sofa.

Bella Flora Boutique
2424 Victory Park Lane, Dallas
Online at www.bellafloraofdallas.com/vday2008