Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Luxury With A Capital W

In Texas, until recently, the mention of “W” sent shivers down the spine of many a gay. And not the good “I’m f**king Matt Damon” kinda shiver. But once W Hotel opened in Victory Park, like a phoenix from the ashes the letter rose once again and became synonymous with hip and stylish, not oafish and illiterate. And there was much rejoicing in Gay Town.

Now, W Hotels is taking their homo cred a step further with the introduction of the Pride 365 package. (Hey, since it’s a leap year, shouldn’t it be Pride 366?) Whatev. We’ll cut them some slack.

When you book a room and stay by April 30, 2008, in one of many fabulous W cities, including Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles and Waxahachie (just making sure you’re paying attention!), you’ll not only get the fabulous hotel room you’ve come to demand in that high-pitched squeal of yours, but you’ll also get a showcase of fabulous prizes.

Guests receive a Puma Urban Mobility Travel Wallet, a one-year GLAAD membership, a one-year subscription to OUT and OUT Traveler, two special cocktails and a 90-second run at the maid’s cart for armloads of Bliss products (just don’t get caught). It’s a value of over $250! (And if you’ve been to a W Hotel lately, that just covers the two cocktails!)

So support those who support us. And give us free drinks.

W Hotels Pride 365
Book today at (888) 625-4952 and mention code WP3,
or online at www.welcometowhotels.com/pride