Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You’ve Got Male

End the reign of spam. And we mean both the god-awful processed meat and that unwanted e-mail too. It’s time to put some lovin’ in that special someone’s mailbox with a little man-on-man (or woman-on-woman) twist.

OutGreetings has pulled together artists from every spectrum of the design rainbow, ranging from the cute and quirky to the Naughty (with a capital N), to create a line of e-cards and invites geared specifically to the homo nation.

Forget those cliché e-cards with a picture of a wet kitten and a banner reading “Is It Friday Yet?” OutGreetings notes are a little more progressive. Like the all-occasion card that simply says, “Lick Me.” It’s a very versatile message that’s perfect for either a lover or the boss who just asked you to work all weekend.

There’s a free basic membership, but some of the text options are limited. So unless you want to play Cyrano and rely on someone else to craft your sassy sentiments, we’d say go with premium membership ($15.95 a year) that gives you complete message control and unlimited usage.

Available online at www.outgreetings.com