Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

WICKedly Fragrant

Miss Manners says one should never show up empty-handed when invited into someone’s home. But if you read paragraph 8, section 2.1 of the Miss Manners Manifesto, you’ll see that showing up with a cheap bottle of wine in a velveteen bag, or even worse a six-pack of Schlitz, can be grounds for having your invitation instantaneously revoked.

Luckily, we’ve found the perfect gift, whether your host is a friend or more of a friend with benefits. In lieu of the six-pack, try a five-pack votive tapas set from Barcelona Bath & Body. Although the name implies food, these tapas are actually candle samplers, allowing said host to dabble in the wonderful world of fragrance without commitment (like a series of one-night stands for the nose).

Is he a Coconut Bay Rum kind of guy, or does he ylike ylike Ylang Ylang? Who knows, and who care because he doesn’t have stick with just one scent.

The votive tapas set ($45) includes five fragrances all packaged in a fancy box with clear top and bow. Pick one up today, and you’ll never have to hang your head in shame at another dinner party. Well, at least not because of the gift you brought. There’s always room for a little more shame after a couple of cocktails and your best Carol Channing impression.

Available at:

The Medical Spa of Trophy Club
2800 E. Hwy 114, Trophy Club
(817) 490-7856

Ashlins, Ltd.
413 S. Main Street, Grapevine
(817) 442-0400

Or Online at www.barcelonabathandbody.com