Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

What Does Madonna Taste Like?

It’s the gay man’s dream: having a bona fide pop icon over for dinner. But whom shall you invite: Barbra? Madonna? Celine? How about all three at once? And if you don’t like the way one of them tastes, is it rude to spit?

Well, thanks to Celebrity Cellars you can answer all these questions for yourself. With their selection of wines featuring your favorite music stars, you can add something totally worthwhile to your shrines to these gay goddesses. (Not that your Yentl lintel soup tureen, My Heart Will Go On pacemaker and Madonna English-to-British translation dictionary aren’t worthy collectibles.)

Choose from Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Merlot and many other varieties in either the (cheap) paper-label varieties for $30-$40 per bottle and etched bottles for $70-$90 each. Or show your true diva devotion by joining the official wine club for $59.50 per month and receive two bottles of your favorite artist, plus other discounts and fringe benefits.

Much like the superstars themselves, these wines are sure to improve with age. Just make sure to drink them before they completely lose relevance.

Online at www.celebritycellars.com