Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

LUV Your Dog

We simply adore our pets. Sometimes almost disturbingly so (hey, is it really wrong to French kiss your French Poodle or spoon with your Spaniel?). It’s not like we’re boffing a donkey. So when something wonderful comes along for our furry friends, we want you to know about it, too.

Dallas is full of doggie daycares and pet hotels, but Barking Hound Village has a unique feature that really sets it apart. Location. Location. Location.

Mere blocks from Love Field, it’s the ideal location for convenient drop-offs and pick-ups when you just gotta take that $49 flight to Houston.

Below the roar of aircraft sits an immaculately clean facility where the dogs don’t seem to ever want to leave. Lisa and Jeremy Jones have created a warm, caring environment where dogs can be themselves and their owners can feel comfortable knowing they’re pampered and safe. K-9s get time outside to play six to seven times a day for 30 minutes each session.

So not only will you pick up a happy dog, she just might be skinnier, too.

3410 Hawes Avenue, Dallas
(214) 350-8811