Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Brief Encounter

For many gay men, our underwear collections are as prized (and valuable) as Aunt Gert’s Precious Moments figurines. And just like those creepy, doe-eyed kids with the giant heads sitting on the doily by the plastic-covered sofa, we like to show ’em off.

Boxers. Briefs. Low rise. Mid rise. Contour pouch. Every word is music. (And a gay dance mix at that.)

Why? Because the right pair makes us feel special. Hot. Gorgeous even.

So when we discovered this great underwear line, we were thrilled. Stitched right there on the waistband are the two words some of us haven’t heard since that Boy Scout camping trip with Father Ted: “Sexy Bastard.”

Not only is the underwear extremely comfortable and flattering, each pair has a signature riveted back pocket, perfect for carrying those little necessities when you’re not wearing anything else: mobile phone, condom, dental floss, fun-size Snickers…

Starting at $26
Available at Regimens
3699 McKinney Avenue (in West Village), Dallas