Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Primps Charming

Nail salons are as ubiquitous in this city as Starbucks, generic donut shops and fake boobs. But finding a quality place for a manicure, waxing or other grooming necessity is about as hard as finding a Paula Dean recipe that calls for less than a stick of butter. So when a good one comes along, you need to jump on it like a hooker on a twenty.

Time to belly up to Nail Bar.

Modern design, a variety of must-have services and a friendly staff (rather than deadly staph) make this Chicago import a welcome addition to the Uptown ’hood.

And you gotta love the wry sense of humor in their marketing.

Signature treatments include the Quickie Hand Job (their wham-bam-thank-you-manicure), the Brooke Shields (eyebrow cleanup), Planet of the Apes (back wax) or the Schwarzenegger (chest wax).

For the ladies, enjoy the Tammy Faye Fix (eyelash and eyebrow tint), the Kojak (a bald and beautiful bikini wax, hopefully sans lollipop) or the Bedazzler (for those who want a little bling around the noo-noo).

To top it all off, the prices are hard to beat.

3839 McKinney (in the West Village), Dallas
214-528-NAIL (6245)