Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Should Have, Could Have, WOOD Have

Oh ye of the über modern plastic chairs, repent while there’s still time. Banish that uncomfortable, unstylish seating back to the trailer from whence it came and embrace the goodness that is arts and crafts style.

Unlike runway fashion where today’s Manpri is tomorrow’s entrée to Mr. Blackwell’s list, classic furniture will never steer you wrong or make you look as dated as a HyperColor shirt (admit it, you wore one).

That’s where Aneita Fern comes in offering a wooden wonderland of furniture and accessories in styles that look as good now as they did back in the day. Named after the beloved and feisty family matriarch, this store delivers whether you’re a Mission-style Man, a Bungalow Boy or Craftsman Leather Daddy.

And for all the Frank Lloyd Wright fans, make sure to check out Aneita Fern’s exclusive Copeland collection. It’s such perfection of form and function, you might just have an architectural big “o” on site.

Aneita Fern
5213 Alpha Road, Dallas