Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Buttery Nipples And Washboard Abs

They make drinks stiff. (Among other things.)

Meet the hot men and women of Bar10, a bartending staffing service that will leave your guests intoxicated with delight, not just booze. Yet don’t be fooled by this group’s good looks.

Now we’ve all been to private parties whose hosts lure you to their events with promises of gorgeous bartenders with heavy-handed pours, but quite frankly, a lot of times they’re a bit of a letdown. Either they’re super-cute and have the personality of a cocktail onion, or they just can’t make a simple no-gin, extra-vodka, diet-ginger-ale-but-regular cola Long Island Iced Tea with shaved ice and three stemless cherries to save their lives.

Thankfully, the well-trained bartender/models of Bar10 have the total package. They know how to make a good drink, carry on a great conversation and add a splash of sexiness to any party, large or small.

Remember, National Quilting Day is just around the corner, so book early!