Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lettuce Begin

For some folks, vegan dining is up there on the taboo topics list with religion, politics and sexual orientation. After all, what people don’t eat behind closed doors is no one’s business but their own, right?

But with a new Dallas location of the Fort Worth favorite Spiral Diner opening up, some of your dearest meat-eating friends might be coming out of the Granola-filled closet.

Forget the sprouts and salads; this place can dish up a veggie version of just about any carne classic. There’s the Chick’n-Less Salad San’ich with diced seitan (wheat meat), chopped apples, cranberries and pecans tossed with creamy herbed mayo/mustard dressing; Sketti & Meatballs, with soy meatballs, marinara sauce, pine nuts and pesto; and even a Jamaican Jerk BBQ San’ich complete with multi-grain tempeh in jerk sauce, blackened and served with pineapple, red onion, lettuce and mayo.

Wash it all down with an Agave Limeade or Blue Sky Soda (on tap).

Ah, happy graze are here again.

Spiral Diner & Bakery
1101 North Beckley, Dallas
(214) 948-4747