Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Family Of Flair

While Philadelphia may get all the props for being the “City of Brotherly Love” (insert joke here), Dallas can now claim to be the “City of Brotherly Art” with the opening of the Daniel Padilla Gallery. Tucked away in the secret-no-more Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, this space serves as both a showplace and working studio for the talented Padilla bros. – Daniel and Manuel.

Working with color and imagination, the boys deliver abstract swirls so vivid that they make Georgia O’Keeffe’s flowers look like a flip chart at the gynecologist’s office. But it’s not all flowers and implied vajayjays. They also paint figurative pieces showing off men and women’s best, hmm…assets, as well as landscapes and classical works.

If accessories are your art, you’ll find a small line of handcrafted jewelry made by the gallery guys. Our faves are the Frida Kahlo earrings made from vintage bottle caps. (We’ll take a Diet Coke with extra unibrow please!)

Daniel Padilla Gallery
838 West Davis, Dallas