Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Split Personality

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. But those of us who are more fashion-forward prefer half a human head, thank you very much.

Now, before you think we’re getting all Chianti and fava beans on you, relax. We’ve merely found the ultimate vanity gift for the person who has everything. (Or at least a shirt with French cuffs.)

From Eleven Forty Design, a UK company with their own James Bond-worthy “Doppelganger Technology,” these completely custom cuff links are heads (minus shoulders) above the rest.

Simply send in photos of your noggin from different angles and they will create a Mini-Me replica in your choice of precious metals to fit any occasion. (Don’t embarrass yourself and show up to that starving-children fundraiser with gold cuff links either. Clearly, that’s more of a platinum soiree.)

And on Casual Fridays when cuff links aren’t in order, the two facial profiles connect to form a mini bust (and we don’t mean Debra Messing), suitable for staying home on a shelf and keeping watch over your closet like some tiny gay gargoyle.

Prices start at $450 US (more if you’ve got a fat head)
Online at www.elevenfortydesign.com