Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Enchanted By Which Craft?

Turn on just about any news show these days and you’ll hear the Chicken Little newscaster clucking, “the economy is crashing, the economy is crashing.” Well if that’s the case, then we’ve got the perfect lemons-into-lemonade remedy for the downtrodden dollar: making your own clothes and accessories.

Why pay the big bucks for designer labels when you can sew and show your very own line? (We’ve already got some brand names picked out – VerNOTce? Louis Fauxton?)

Oh, but there’s just one problem. You flunked that Home Ec class and the last time you used a needle was to try to dig out a splinter. If that’s the case then Make is just the shop you’re looking for.

This DIY haven can turn even the most jaded pre-made Pollyanna into a veritable crafting guru capable of taking on Martha Stewart in a back-alley stitch off. Classes run the gamut from Sewing Basics and Screen Print Clothing to Basic Chair Reupholstery and Floral Design.

Start off small with something like Hand Embroidery Stitching (perfect for leaving your mark on a new boyfriend’s wardrobe) and then work up to something more über gay like a Kimono-Style Robe (perfect for frightening off said new boyfriend).

The world is your crafty oyster, now all you’ve got to do is knit the pearl to go with it.

313 North Bishop Avenue, Dallas