Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pony Up

While being a grownup comes with perks like R-rated movies, mimosas for breakfast and the ability to hire a maid to clean up your room, the daily grind of the adult workweek comes with its own set of personal punishments, too.

There’s the dreaded two-hour conference call that can make even the most toned of butts fall asleep. Or the water cooler chat that takes a dark turn when that extra-peppy coworker gives you a blow-by-blow recount of her child’s potty training prowess. Blech. Who moved your cheese, indeed!

But fear not corporate tool, we’ve found the cure for the 9-to-5 blues: whimsy. And in this case, it’s the kind of whimsy that can only be brought about by the Avenging Unicorn Play Set. Just crack open the box, and you can start stickin’ it to the man – literally.

Each play set comes with a vinyl unicorn all reared up and ready to impale one of three unsuspecting vinyl figures: the businessman/boss, the new age lady and the mime. And you can choose from four interchangeable horns (classic spiral, chrome, glow and pearlescent) to carry out the equine vengeance.

A must have for anyone who spends more than fifteen minutes a day either a) inside the walls of a cubicle or b) basking under the yellow haze of fluorescent lighting. And at only $12.95, this moment of regression is way cheaper than therapy.

All opposed to workday boredom, say neigh.

Available online at Archie McPhee