Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dude, Where’s My Closet?

Get ready for the gayest surfing movie ever. Well, at least since Point Break. There’s no Keanu in a wetsuit, but Shelter has its fair share of hot surfers and much better acting.

Set in southern California, the film focuses on Zach (Trevor Wright), a young graffiti artist who’s given up on his own dreams to take care of his five-year-old nephew, Cody, while his older sister, Jeanne (Tina Holmes) hops from bad relationship to worse. Zach’s got a bad case of the blue-collar blues and only his surfing and his art can help him escape.

When his wealthy best friend’s older brother (Brad Rowe) comes home for a few weeks, sparks unexpectedly fly between the two. As Zach confronts his homosexuality for the first time, he must reexamine his life and find himself before all his aspirations pass him by.

The film is romantic, tender and, most importantly, very believable. The feelings of angst, denial, anger and the ultimate happiness of acceptance are portrayed honestly and should resonate with anyone who struggled with the coming out process, as well as provide hope for anyone who hasn’t yet dipped their toes in the big gay swimming pool.

Beautifully filmed and sexy without resorting to soft-core nudity (damn them!), Shelter is a great date movie and a must-see for anyone desperate for a happy ending.

‘Shelter’ is now playing exclusively at the Regent Highland Park Village
View the trailer at www.heretv.com/sheltermovie