Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bring It Kong

From the producers of Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and Fear Factor, we bring you Dallas’ favorite new reality show and grocery store: Hong Kong Market Place. And whether you’re the kind of person who’ll put anything in your mouth, or more of just a lookey-loo who’s more likely to enjoy packaging than actual product, this place is sure to deliver.

Start with a stroll down the fruits and vegetables aisle where you’ll encounter oddities like winter melon, exotic mushrooms (no, not that kind) and even fresh tamarind, a popular part of curries and chutneys.

If you notice a stench that smells like feet and sewer, that’s just the durian, a Southeast Asian fruit that apparently tastes of bananas and pineapple once you get past the stanky, spikey outer shell. (We’ll take their word for it.)

On the pre-packaged aisles, it’s all about the cakes, candy and cuteness. Each wrapper is a work of art with happy anime characters and catchy phrases like “Super Gummy Apple Juicy Yum Yum.”

You’ll know you’ve arrived at the fish section way before you get there – the nose knows. That’s where you’ll find all sea creatures great and small just waiting to be made into din-din. And trust us, it’s going to take more than a comb and some shampoo to get rid of these crabs, they’re blue and about two-pounds each!

We can’t guarantee your innards will agree, but a trip to Hong Kong Market Place will certain chase away the “Meatloaf Monday” blues.

Hong Kong Market Place
9780 Walnut Street, Dallas