Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Caucus, Party Of One

Face it, it’s time we find a candidate who cares about the real issues plaguing society. Problems like people who bring a cart load of crap through the 15-item or less line, drivers with a habitual left-turn signal on (are they going around the world to the left?) and the jerkiest of all – the loud-talking guy who wears the Bluetooth ear bud everywhere – movies, bathrooms, restaurants.

So who better to solve our nation’s woes than you! Narcissists of the world, your moment has arrived with the “personalized name” for president t-shirt. It’s the perfect way to get drunk on your own power while making a slightly white trash fashion statement (add the matching ball cap for true “class”).

Or, use the customizable format to endorse your own nominee. With space for up to 14 characters, that Hannah Montana for President shirt is but a mouse click away – YES!

Personalized Election Shirt
$22.98 each
Available online at www.thingsyouneverknew.com
(Type “personalized election shirt” into the search field)