Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

What’s The Story, Groomer Boy?

We interrupt today’s previously scheduled snarky message for a new occasional feature on Gay List Daily, the Q&A (Queeries and Answers). Some might call it getting’ up in your business, but we call it journalism. And here’s what our new BFF Jai Rodriguez, host of the reality show Groomer Has It, had to say about dogs, dudes and Dallas:

Q: Why are dogs better than boyfriends?
A: Dogs are way better because they can be trained to behave well.

Q: What was the craziest, funniest or overall most surreal moment that happened behind the scenes while filming Groomer Has It?
A: The most surreal moment behind the scenes was when we were all in a van driving back to set from a location. We saw a Pomeranian running against traffic on the median in the middle of the freeway. We pulled over and the on-set vet and ASPCA gal chased and caught it. They gave it medical attention right away. That lil’ guy couldn’t have come across a better group of people after someone abandoned him on the freeway!

Q: Going back to your Queer Eye for the Straight Guy days, what do you think was the best “Culture Vulture” tip you dished out?
A: I'd have to say best tip is when bringing wine to a dinner party, understand it is meant as a gift for the host to enjoy. It doesn’t always have to be served with the dinner you are having that night… especially if it doesn’t go with the food.

Q: A few years ago, you filmed Queer Eye in Dallas. What were your impressions of our fair city? (You can be honest.) Any “favorite places” you got to visit?
A: I loved Dallas, especially the Round Up. I thought it was incredible to see so many gay men embracing their love for country music and dance. It was amazing.

Q: In addition to your Broadway and TV roles, you also have a new album out. The first release is “Broken.” How would you describe your music? The video is airing on Logo. Where else can people check it out?
A: Well, once it’s on Logo, I hope to have it made available on iTunes. “Broken” was originally recorded as just another track for the album titled “My Way Here.” It’s being released digitally in June. After my most recent break up, suddenly all the tracks have a very deep meaning. I'm dreading/ looking forward to performing “Broken” live. It’s going be emotional. Also, I can’t wait to release the dance remix – it’s hot!!!

Q: Our gossip sources (aka your MySpace blog) tell us you are recently single. What words of advice should we give the throngs of boys who want to woo you and win your heart?
A: Where are you?!?!?! I don’t generally have that experience. I usually go out with friends and get ignored in that regard. Guess the next guy to win my heart would have to love my dogs and truly be a real friend. That was lacking in my prior relationship. He wasn't really a friend and the break up has left a deep wound. Guess time heals all, right? I'm excited for you all to hear the record now. There is so much of me in all the lyrics.

Q: Lastly, and yes, we are kickin’ it Q&A old school, if you were stranded on an island and could only bring one book, one CD (sorry, no iPods), one piece of clothing and one hair product, what would they be?
A: I think I'd go with Jill Scott’s first CD, my American Apparel white running shorts because they are cotton and hug me in all the right parts… and as far as a hair product goes, I'm going with shampoo. Islands can make ya stinky!

“Groomer Has It” airs Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. on Animal Planet